If you have a zoning issue please review this guide for the community review process.   
There are currently three major development activities/proposals active in our service area.  These projects are at various stages of development.  The recent economic downturn has, in some respects, been a mixed blessing.  If the housing market in Philadelphia had stayed at peak (pre-recession) levels, it is quite possible that these projects would have been rammed through with or without our support so that the developers could take advantage of the housing bubble.  Now that the market has cooled off considerably, the developers are, in general, taking their time and listening to our feedback.  Whether this is because it allows them additional time to prepare for an uptick in the market or because they are truly wanting to work with us remains to be seen.  The background and status of each of these major projects are outlined on the following pages.

Proposed Permit Parking proposal.

3863 Terrace Street - UPDATE


The Polish Falcons Hall, located on Terrace Street, is proposed to become a multi-unit condominium.  Their request for a variance was approved in January, which the civic supported because they signed a deed agreement. We have no knowledge of their plans to move forward. They need to get a building permit within 6 months, then they have a year to begin construction. If they don't follow through, then they will need to get ZBA approval again.

3818-32 Terrace Street - UPDATE

Terrace Court was proposed to become a 50-unit condominium complex.  The parcel encompasses not only the portion shown in the picture, but also the small attached building to the right of the main building.  The current structure consists of at least three levels, two of which are above Terrace.  The bottom level can be accessed via Sharp Street and currently houses a glassblowing studio.
Current city code requires a parking spot for each bedroom.  The developer is planning to request a zoning variance to provide only 37 parking spaces for the currently planned 50 units.  Civic leadership met with the developers to review their plans and, after careful consideration, brought the issue to the greater community in April of 2009.  The community voted overwhelmingly to reject the proposed development due to concerns about parking overflow onto the surrounding streets.
A new plan has been proposed that inclued fourteen, four-story rowhomes, each with off-street parking for two cars along both Terrace and Sharp Streets. This, however, requires variances. The homes will sell for "high $500,000, low $600,000."

When details are finalized, the civic members will be notified.
  3901 Main Street

The site of a former television station, the owners are proposing a multi-story condominium complex.  It is currently housing a parking lot.  The board held a preliminary meeting with the owners and their architect to review their proposal.  Several changes were requested to enhance access to the Tow Path trail and ensure that parking requirements were met.  The current design calls for a nine story building.  The architects were asked to develop a representative model that would give some perspective on the building and how it would fit in with the surrounding housing.  There has not been a status update since that meeting.
  443 Shurs Lane

The owners of the Ugly Moose Bar have approached the civic requesting a variance on the deed restriction currently in place.  They would like to host an outdoor party in their courtyard.  The neighbors have been against outdoor activities because of noise and trash issues.  This item remains on the radar for the upcoming year.
  3802 Lauriston Street

A zoning application has been filed for a three story semi-detached structure to be built at this location.  It is listed as being continued.