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Terrace Courts Update

Zoning Board Decision on Terrace Court Condiminiums

On Tuesday, November 10 the Zoning Board Adjustment of the City of Philadelphia supported the Terrace Court Condominiums at 3818-32 Terrace Street (thru to Sharp Street) with a vote of 3 to 1 with one person absent.

This got passed once a proviso was provided that established a 1:1 ratio of parking spaces to dwelling units. There are 50 dwelling units that make up the project. Of the parking spaces: 2 are handicapped, 3 are auto sharing with access for the public to use and 12 are lift spaces. This 1:1 ratio of parking spaces to dwellings was a major concern the civic over the several meetings with the developers. While the developers tried to promote the area as a transit orient district that may not require the 1:1 ratio we did not agree. Fortunately the zoning board agreed with us and the proviso to raise the parking spaces to 50 is a major reason the the project got passed. Ultimately, we have to remember the ZBA wants growth and development in Philadelphia.

This should not be a surprise that they finally got this passed. Main issues from the local residents who spoke to me but were not in attendance at the hearing were large issues that really needed to be addressed in the early discussions with the developers not during this zoning hearing.

There were many local residents present, Dave Wilby and his father from Dawson's Street Pub, Cynthia, Bobbie Lewis and Bill Sawicki. Also board members Rose Giovanni and I were present.

Councilman Jones' office was represented by Josh Cohen, and his office supported us in opposition unless the ratio of parking was made 1 parking space per dwelling. We appreciate the Councilman's and Josh's support on this issue.

I think this is a day that we should view as one that we actually won because we did not allow the developers to get away with anything below the minimum requirements for the parking although they tried and tried.....and tried many times over to get it through without a 1:1 ratio. The idea of the parking lifts does not make everyone happy and I understand that, but compared to some of the other plans the civic was presented with it was our best opportunity to insure the area was not over developed beyond what it is.

I want to thank everyone for all your help on this matter. For the extra meetings and phone calls and all the extra time out of our busy schedules to deal with this issue. Especially, Roy Hiser for all the work he has done to keep us in the know.

Thank you all again - Drew Bantly, President WNCA