Our Civic

Improving the quality of life in our community for all residents and businesses is our objective. Rather than feeling isolated and powerless, citizens join together in our civic association to leverage solutions to community problems.  The goals of the Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association are as follows:
  • Develop and maintain an informed and productive membership, dedicated to serving in the interests of the residential and business community.
  • Promote and pursue the general improvement of social and economic conditions in the community.
  • Promote and support unity, pride and good communication in the community.
  • Maintain a free, open and democratic Association.
  • Maintain nonpartisan and nonsectarian policies in all activities of the Association.
Our civic association sustains what is best about our community now and ensures that we accomplish our future goals.
WNCA has targeted community issues such as development planning, traffic and parking and the democratic process in our community.
With over thirty years of community involvement, WNCA is equipped as a "full service" civic association. From zoning variances to dog poop, from basketball leagues to noisy neighbors and from street trees to hate crimes - our experience and perseverance make a difference.
We link a variety of governmental and private service providers to local needs. We also link neighbors and neighborhoods together. These connections help get things done sooner, better and with more consistency.
All area residents and businesses are welcome and encouraged to participate in our civic association.

Founded in 1967, Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a domestic nonprofit corporation. The Association is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Association's administrative power is vested in the Executive Board. That group of officers acts for — and with the advice and consent of — the general membership of the Association. The Association's Bylaws codify the rules by which the Association conducts its affairs. Refer to the WNCA Bylaws for details.