Quality of Life

Noisy neighbors
- A neighborhood should have a basic code of conduct by which all residents should be expected to comply.  Unfortunately, there is little that can be done directly.  Call 911 to report all instances of noise violations.  This will help create a record of complaints against the violators.  Ask your neighbors to call as well so that multiple complaints are registered.  You can also contact the Community Relations Officer of the Philadelphia Police Department.  The CRO will make every effort to visit the violators and confront them about the noise levels.  The following article provides an overview of what may/may not be possible in terms of regulating student renters, which are typically among the heaviest offenders of noise statutes.

Has Big Brother Moved Off Campus? An Examination of College Communities' Responses to Unruly Student Behavior
Journal of Law and Education,  Apr 2006  by Davis, Laura Marini
Disruptive off campus behavior by college students in recent years has been unrelated to social causes or the public interest. The unruly behavior following athletic events or spring festivals has been damaging to the communities in which the students reside and has included rioting, property destruction, noise, littering, over extension of police resources, and  interference with quality of life. While incidents of unruly student behavior have occurred in college communities, large and small, located throughout the nation, this article looks at efforts made by three Pennsylvania communities to curb the problems. These efforts include passing ordinances requiring reimbursement for police costs, seeking injunctive relief to control the size and conduct at large parties, and installing public video cameras at student housing. The article explores the constitutional and public policy problems posed by the measures enacted by the communities, and concludes that the measures are either unlikely to withstand judicial scrutiny, or may create more dangerous problems than they were designed to combat.

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Illegal parking pads
- City law now prohibits most property owners from converting yard space into off street parking.  Report violators to L&I.

Nuisance bars - Complaints about nuisance bars must be made to the Police by calling 9­1­1 to document the problem in City records.  Also, contact our state representative to document violations of LCB policies.

Organization Name: State Representative Kathy Mandarino
Address: 6526 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19128
Phone: (215) 482-8726

Zoning notices
- Once a zoning notice is posted, the clock has already begun the countdown. Residents who want a say in the zoning deliberations have to comply with a rigid timetable.  Please contact us if you have concerns about a zoning notice posted on your block.

Unshoveled walks, trash violations, etc
- Our area is among the more dangerous in Philadelphia when it comes to wintertime hazards.  Keep in mind that a 30" path must be cleared in front of your home within 6 hours of snowfall stopping.  This responsibility falls first and foremost on the RESIDENT, regardless of whether the resident is a renter or homeowner.  Please report violations using the following web site:
You will need the violation code, a list of which can be found here.  The code for failing to remove snow in a timely fashion is 10-720.

Other useful forms for the police department can be found on their downloads page.

Barking dogs & feral cats - several city and state departments have mixed responsibilities for enforcement.  The ASPCA has suggestions and support for stray & nuisance animals:

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Philadelphia Police Roll Call item - you can report non-emergency issues and concerns via the Submit A Tip link of the Philadelphia Police Department's web site.  This form is supposed to feed directly into the Roll Call log for follow up by patrol officers.